Links To Deviltry

White House—It's the idea of elected dictator that is so demonic, and encouraging of evil, not the person so much. That said, George W. Bush really pushed his opportunity in the Devil's service to put the starship of state into evil hyperdrive.

Catholic Church—Sometimes it is better not to be correct. It would be way better for example, to be misjudging the Catholic Church, when we call it the First Baptist Church of Deviltown. But we aren't misjudging the Catholic Church.

The Republican Party—This bunch of goons has done so much pure evil in its devoted service to the Devil, and to so many people, and has gotten away with it for so many years, they were probably in shock to find out that the Devil had moved his party affiliation to the Democrats. Even the Prince of Darkness has standards after all.

Church of Satan—So, the Church of Satan is not exactly a serious operation, in the sense that the Catholic Church, and its ministers of the Devil, can said to be so. But it is a going concern, with a founder and ideas and everything.

Jesus Christ—Come on, you really think Jesus is a separate entity? One of God's hands condemns. The other saves. Meanwhile, God gets to look compassionate, and removed from the tussle. He even cons empty-headed humans into somehow thinking their own "agency" is the root of their downfall. It is all about completing the equation. There is no evil, only the horror, the horror.

Deviltown is Our Town

I say thou art the devil's work. Yet he should much rather call thee father: for he had been no devil but for thee.


I was living in a devil town
Didn’t know it was a devil town
Oh lord it really brings me down
About the devil town.
And all my friends were vampires
Didn’t know they were vampires
Turns out I was a vampire myself
In the devil town.
Devil Town, Daniel Johnston


I don’t like the whole change that’s come over you in the last year. I’m sorry if that bursts your feelings, but I’ve got to—tell the truth and shame the devil.—Emily, Our Town


“We Will Go Down To Deviltown Together”—From an old children's story, the promise a little girl makes to her mother, when the child realizes that both she and her mom are sinners, and cannot possibly get into Heaven. The little girl points out that at least Deviltown will not be so boringly empty as Heaven.

No, we do not love him, crazy motherfucker that he is. God is, after all, the jerk in whose complex calculations humans all get to die—in myriad, horrible (and often well, well-deserved) ways. In the Bible, the explanation for this rather stern and definitely severe arrangement is that everything would have been dandy—in the Garden of Eden—if it hadn't been for the stupid woman. Naturally, men were going to explain it that way. That humans created God, and not the other way around, is obvious for thinking creatures, but not so much so for most human beings.

It has never been the case the humans felt any sincere love for God.

The nature of human existence, and especially what is called its natural state, is so wretched, confirming Hobbes' observation in Leviathan, that it is "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short", that, right from the beginning, we sought relief from being the chosen pets of such mean-spirited gods.

Since the rules of these divine ones, as channeled and scribed by their human ministers, pretty much said you're either with ME or the terrorists, the relief has been two-fold: either we accept the double-edged assistance of devils, or opt out of the system altogether via some version of atheism.

The Biblical God, crafted by its creators to be an all-purpose excluder and condemner, has made this easy for us, since he views all other gods as agents or manifestations of devils, or the Devil. Atheism as well is the work of that same fallen-angel crew.

It's a funny thing, how much evil has been perpetrated in the name of doing the allegedly good work of God. But this is a God, we must recall, who once tortured a man, Job, almost unto death, with every sort of misery, just to win a stupid bet with God's demon-prosecutor, Satan. And it is a God who once checked on a man's faith by ordering him to murder his own son, and then at the last second said—"No, that's OK, dude, just checking to see if you would do it."

Yeah, God, they'll do it. And they'll imagine you told them to every fucking time.

This brings us to a reflection, on the hubris of the faithful. People love to act like monsters. It's just so freeing to the human spirit, to kill, to maim, to torture, to use the greatest level of invention to devise new and better ways to do this. Why, the human species will even deliberately incinerate an entire city of its own kind, and claim that necessity (or God's will) had become so deranged that such an act was the winning style of the "good guys".

A lot of people prefer to think that God has nothing to do with such things, and that only the spirit of the Devil nukes cities, or kidnaps and tortures suspects, or drone-strikes collateral children, or runs a pedophile ring called the Catholic Church.

As we start this collection of commentaries about Devils, I will simply say that if you do not understand that Jesus and the Devil are one and the same creature, performing one and the same mission, you've missed an essential point.


This little vignette recalls one of the earliest uses people came up with back in the 16th century for the card game pack called Tarot. Enterprising souls began employing the curse-casting features that seemed inherent in a pack of cards that conveniently had a Devil. The card above is from a modern pack, but the idea is the same. The Devil is there to help us—help us get fucking even! And there's plenty of help on that account that the old goat needs to be supplying.

As was noted on the homepage for this site, people choose and construct the devils of their lives. And these devils perform important functions. Imagine, for example, how different things might have been if Osama bin Laden had never existed. Or, if he had looked a little less like Hollywood scripted him for his demonic part.

We had to engage and essentially worship two really important devils to perpetrate the past 12 years in the way we did.

First, was Osama, who ended up being so tailor-made to help finalize the construction of the American and global police-state-society, that it is no wonder people have found conspiracy theories about his linkages to American government designs to be so convincing.

And, in truth, if it had not been for American deviltry in various parts of the world, Osama would have had a much harder time convincing a bunch of young, extremely devoted, followers to sacrifice everything for his vision of a better world.

On the other hand, anybody who saw the look on George W. Bush's face on the morning of 9/11/01, knows that was not a guy that was in the loop on the conspiracy.

Once Bush, our second important devil, got over the shock that now he was going to have to do something other than participate in a reading class for little children, he got right to work, destroying America.

While Osama's attack on the USA was fantastically theatrical, Bush's dismantling of the remaining facade of American liberty and civilization was a far more devastating and thorough job of demonic sabotage. Before Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and their whole, rotten crew of devils, was through with the USA, not a shred of anything Americans might be able to feel proud about was left.

Bush-lite Obama, while pandering to the herds of sheep grazing on he left, never had any intention of altering this course. It was indeed the course advised by any demonic estimate of our situation, which well understood that Osama bin Laden was a tool for an end, and certainly not the one dimwitted Islamists imagine.

No, the purpose of the last twelve years was to consolidate the political and economic power of the demonic oligarchy, and to finalize construction of an imperial state, whose surface ornaments of democratic liberty will be temporarily retained to placate the herd of suckers, but whose mission is to enslave the many in service to the few.

As Gore Vidal, who in his life seemed quite a devil to many people, put it:

"The oligarchs think that the people are both dangerous and stupid...What [the oligarchy] wants is simple: total control. If this can be got by dispensing with the Bill of Rights, then that’s a small price to pay."

And more succinctly:

"The United States is a madhouse."

Or, you know, Deviltown.